Happy 8 years Bts!

By :Shanise Lachelle

This past weekend was BTS 8 year anniversary and muster. It was my first anniversary with them and my very first muster. August is my personal 1 year with bts and I’m so excited. But back to my muster review.

This past weekend was NUTS!!! I didn’t really know what to expect and what the setlist would be. And I did my very best to avoid spoilers( even though it was damn near impossible). But oh man was this a GREAT SHOW .

I loved EVERYTHING AND EVERY SINGLE SECOND. Girl we got disease live TWICE. CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP AND OT7 DOING Daechiwita!!!!! When I tell you I was on the floor at 6 am .. I was full on LEVITATING.

They opened the show with butter , life goes on and dynamite and that was enough to take me out and wake me up. Ot7 looked phenomenal, every single member looked PHENOMENAL. we got a blonde hyung line , and bitch I was being bias wrecked by them the entire morning. Sexy namjoon, hobi with his platinum blonde hair and BLONDE YOONGI!!! Honestly what a blessing to my eyes.

This motherfucker had me ENTIRELY fucked up. Who told jeon jungkook to show his tattoos, get a fresh haircut AND eyebrow piercing!?!? It was truly a very hard time for jk stans this weekend. He did not let us rest.

The boys genuinely looked so happy to be back on stage. And that made me so HAPPY. you could tell how much this meant to them and they were having a blast. So what was a full blown water fight and super chaotic. And I once again loved every single SECOND.

This was my first muster ( second Bts concert)and I don’t know how many times they do these, or if THEY’RE only on anniversaries, but I don’t know how I’ll survive another one. It makes me sad for them, I know they badly wanna see army in person and it looks like they may be able to end of this year or beginning of next year. My only hope is for us that can’t see them in person is that they do a dual concert . Like one in person but also you can pay to watch it online. I’ve personally LOVED watching their concerts from home. And it lessens the stress of having to find people to go with and transportation. I really do hope they keep the online option. I eventually do wanna go to a bts concert live and in person.

I just know if I couldn’t survive the online then I will really die when I see them in person. I will be a MESS. I love them so much. I love being ARMY.

Did you enjoy muster this year!? And what do you think about keeping online concerts as well as seeing them in person?

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