Favorite Kpop Songs of june

By : Shanise Lachelle

June went by pretty fast and before I knew it ,it was July. So here are the songs I was absolutely OBSESSED with last month and played repeatedly.

1. Yoongi entire d-2 album, from start to finish. It helps wake me up in morning and start my day.

2. Bts- butter, I’ve gotten my entire class addicted to this song and they love it. So we listen to it atleast 3 times a day.

3. Twice- Can’t stop me/ Alcohol free- this June I fell inlove with girlgroup Twice and WHERE HAVE I BEEN!? THEY’RE AMAZING.

4. Taemin- think of you and the entire never gonna dance again act:2. Banger to banger, that album is FLAWLESS.

So this list wasn’t really long and there wasn’t alot of new music released ( that I vibed too). But I did discover twice, so that’s a win! What’s some of your favorite kpop songs of the moment!?

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