Permission to Dance Review/ Rant

By : Shanise Lachelle

I’ve been trying to gather my thoughts on this single since midnight. So bare with me , this might be a long one.

Let’s start off with the positive. I can appreciate that the song is a happy go lucky positive we hate covid song. I can definitely vibe to it and the sign language they included in the dance and video is very touching and sweet.

HELLO, we got COWBOY BANGTAN!!!! Something I didn’t know I needed until now, they all look PHENOMENAL. I’ll be honest when I first watched the video I was a little taken back and let down. This is definitely not what I was expecting song wise, but when they said Ed Sheeran helped write it I knew it was game over. This entire song just feels like 90% Ed and 10% Bts. I can even hear Eds backing vocals over the boys and that’s annoying for me personally. I don’t wanna hear Ed at all just BTS. The song you can tell is made for the western Market and America. And once again they’re trying their hardest to win that Grammy for 2021. Never mind butter ( better single in my opinion), had been number 1 on the billboard for over a month. And the butter music video is almost at 500 million views. It seems they’re so desperate for this Grammy they’re willing to do ANYTHING. And these two singles in complete ENGLISH shows that. Now I love dynamite, it’s what made me ARMY , and I LOVE butter. But permission to dance, even though I ADORE the message just seems unnecessary in my opinion. We didn’t need two English songs, you’re a Korean group, we’ve been connecting with you through the language barrier up until this point, there’s no need to change anything. We love you for being authentic and doing what Bts truly wanted.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE this song and the message, I love how they included different ethnicities and the kids were adorable but AGAIN this seems marketed towards the WESTERN market. They’ve Never done a video with a kissing interracial couple before, not that it’s bad( good for them), it just didn’t seem necessary for the video. They’re trying too hard to make Americans happy when they have nothing absolutely ZERO TO PROVE. They already proved they were that GROUP, when their Korean album “Be” debuted at number one right along with it’s Korean single “Life goes On”. And now with butter spending over a month at number one, the boys have nothing to prove. Army’s got their backs regardless, but it seems like that’s not enough and they want that Grammy so bad their willing to sacrifice what made them stand out in the first place . This may seem dramatic but last year or the year before when Fallon asked for a whole English album and Joon was like ” are you gonna write it”!? I was like yes noone wants that, be lokey snarky Joon. But now I wouldn’t be surprised if they did a full English album and I’m pretty sure army’s don’t want that. Will we support it?! Oh 100%, but we don’t really need it.

Over all the video definitely makes you like it more, they look good and happy. They’re legit glowing. That sope moment is GOLD, jimin and hobi hyping namjoon up is GOLD, emo Jungkook is GOLD, Cowboy seokjin is GOLD and he’s a little dancing king in this video,( he’s truly shinning the most this comeback), Jimin and hobi eating up the choreo is GOLD, TAE BEING TAE BUT COWBOY EDITION IS GOLD . so the video definitely makes the song more likeable. And today we got our first live performance of permission to dance and again it makes you like the song even more. I’ve already been dancing and singing to it all morning.

I’m still just in the middle about it, I loved it and didn’t love it. It’s makes me super happy but also super nervous, like God if they don’t win next year they’re gonna be so crushed. And I’m just not prepared for sad Bts again. They’re working so hard and pushing themselves so hard. I just want them to be healthy and happy and damnit just give them the Grammy at this point so we can get back to savage BTS. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ARMY!? I’m here to hear all opinions even if you don’t agree with mine….

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