Permission To Dance Concert Review Part Two: SoFi Stadium sucks!!!

Hi guys, I’m back as promised with part two of my La BTS experience. The most stressful part of this entire trip was the concerts being held at SoFi Stadium. Let’s get into my new found beef with this beautiful but unprofessional stadium. Army has a LOT of issues with SoFi, first starting with theContinue reading “Permission To Dance Concert Review Part Two: SoFi Stadium sucks!!!”

Permission To Dance Concert Review. Part : One

Hi friends, I’m finally able to look at my pictures/videos without CRYING. So I’m ready to talk about my trip to BTS world and seeing the boys not once but TWICE live. I’m still unable to find the words and I’m still in utter belief that they were real. So here we go, I’ll beContinue reading “Permission To Dance Concert Review. Part : One”

Happy 8 years Bts!

This past weekend was BTS 8 year anniversary and muster. It was my first anniversary with them and my very first muster. August is my personal 1 year with bts and I’m so excited. But back to my muster review. This past weekend was NUTS!!! I didn’t really know what to expect and what theContinue reading “Happy 8 years Bts!”