Permission To Dance Concert Review Part Two: SoFi Stadium sucks!!!

By : Shanise Lachelle

Hi guys, I’m back as promised with part two of my La BTS experience. The most stressful part of this entire trip was the concerts being held at SoFi Stadium. Let’s get into my new found beef with this beautiful but unprofessional stadium.

Army has a LOT of issues with SoFi, first starting with the list of ridiculous rules they had made for the concerts. Ex: no large bags, no professional cameras, no keychains, no stickers etc. Like what on gods green earth is a keychain and a STICKER, GONNA DO TO ANYBODY?! and you had to carry a certain size purse that was completely clear, no backpacks. I kind of understand the clear rule, as a lot of unsafe things have happened at concerts over the last 5 years,( Ariana grande and Travis Scott for example), but I really feel like the stadium was just doing the absolute most for no reason.

My second issue was , once getting to the concert , there was none around to help show army what line to get in or where to go. We basically had to walk around and around in circles and ask each other. Now there was actual staff there, they just weren’t really helpful at all when it came to handling the crowds or helping army get where they need to be. We were most definitely being ignored.

My Third issue was, they waited about an hour before the show to start letting people in. That’s cutting it to close for my liking and if you’ve ever seen the lines at a BTS concert, that is entirely too close and definitely not enough time to get everyone in before the show starts. And proving my point even more, alot of army missed the first two/three songs because they were still in line waiting. It got to the point where they stopped checking bags and started Letting anyone in without checking tickets or vaccination cards. Which is super unfair for the army that actually followed the rules set for the shows.

My final and most important issue, was how they didn’t allow Uber/Lyft / cabs to pick you up from the stadium after the show. So we had to walk about 40 mins away from the stadium to where Uber could maybe pick you up. Because by that time it was almost 1:00 in the am and the wifi was going in and out. And to make matters worse it was about 40°. So we were basically stranded and freezing to death . And SoFi did nothing to fix it. I absolutely HATED they had their shows at SoFi stadium Because army was treated like absolute crap. To have us out there waiting around was inhuman.

I would NEVER go to another show at SoFi Stadium, EVER. And I hope wherever they do their next show it’s somewhere where they actually care about the fans and they get treated like human beings and NOT ANIMAL’S. I have zero nice things to say about SoFi stadium. And if the boys didn’t put on such a great show, my time in LA would have been ruined completely.

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