Bts Live Lounge Review

By : Shanise Lachelle

Bts has FINALLY blessed us with a Live Lounge and they did not disappoint!! We got 3 top tier performances.

1. Permission to Dance

2. Dynamite

3. I’ll be missing you( p.diddy and faith Evans cover)

First things first I’ll give this live lounge a 5/5. Not being bias ,but they all sounded great and of course they looked AMAZING.

We’ve seen dynamite and permission to dance a few hundred times now, but it’s still a instant serotonin boost hearing both songs. I am bummed they didn’t perform butter though. I would’ve taken butter over dynamite honestly.

Now on to the cover, I wasn’t expecting them to cover this song and was a little unsure how it would sound. But they pulled it off, the vocal line did what needed to be done, with tae leading alot of the adlibs. And the rap line added personal and new lines to the rap verses. Which I LOVED!!!! You can really tell they miss us army so much and could feel their emotions through their revamped verse’s.

Was this live lounge everything and more for you army? Or were you expecting something different!? Sound off in the comments below.

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