Kiss my uh-oh reaction

By : Shanise Lachelle

I’m actually quite impressed with little mix these last couple months. This is the most consistent and hardworking I’ve seen them be in a LONG TIME. They’ve constantly put out banger after banger with actual great concept music videos. I for SURE thought a member leaving and two of them being heavily pregnant would slow them down, but it seems to have made them work harder if anything. And I’m so proud of them.

Their newest feature is Kiss My Uh- Oh, which is sampled from a popular pop/r&b song from the mid 2000s. It’s Anne-Marie song , but you wouldn’t be able to tell. As the girls are featured just as much as Anne and have great line distribution. It’s basically BOTH Anne and Little Mix’s song.

The video is fun and is paying homage to bridesmaids the movie . The song itself is about leaving a dirt bag guy and living your best life. I liked how they let Leigh abd perrie rest and jade took control of all the actual work . I’m telling you, jade has been serving main character realness all 2021. And this video did not disappoint, she looks SO FINE. oh my god, the bangs, the eye makeup, her confidence!!!!!! Jade did not come to play this year, and with the girls falling to the background ( because BABIES), she can finally get some spotlight!!! WE ARE NOT READY FOR 2022 JADE, we’ve barley survived this jade . Overall I give the song 4/5 and the video 5/5!! The song is alright and catchy. But it definitely has to grow on you. But the girls ALL sound amazing together.

I am excited for mommy mix and their cute babies!!! Leigh looks ready to pop any day now and I know perrie isn’t to far behind. I can’t wait for them to snap back for their tour and apparently we have a 7 album in the making. 2022 is gonna be huge for little mix.

Did you enjoy the video or was it a snooze for you?

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