By : Shanise Lachelle

I just would like to thank Bangtan stylists and this year’s muster for giving us THIS yoongi. If we remember correctly I’ve been silently thirsting over yoongi since april- may. But now it’s fully blossomed and my bias list is looking a little shakey. Honestly how does Army ever TRULY stay loyal to one member, when all 7 are phenomenal in different ways .

This comeback he’s just completely caught my attention, he’s just so cute and happy to be back. And YOONGI WE SEE YOU, We love you and appreciate you!!!!!

Have you been bias wrecked lately!? Or is it just me? These bangtan boys have truly been outta control LATLEY.

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One thought on “Min YOONGI

  1. Yoongi looks so cool as always 😎
    Even I’ve been biased wrecked lately. V used to be my bias but now it’s jimin and JK became my bias wrecker but then namjoon came in out of nowhere to attack my heart. I’m going OT7 🤧💜


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