I just would like to thank Bangtan stylists and this year’s muster for giving us THIS yoongi. If we remember correctly I’ve been silently thirsting over yoongi since april- may. But now it’s fully blossomed and my bias list is looking a little shakey. Honestly how does Army ever TRULY stay loyal to one member,Continue reading “Min YOONGI”

Favorite Jungkook Solos

This list was coming sooner or later, as he is my ultimate bias and number 1 kpop boy. Here’s my absolute favorite jk solo songs in order from favorite to least favorite.( But keep in mind they’re all my FAVORITES) 1. My Time- R&b Jungkook is my favorite and that live performance we got ofContinue reading “Favorite Jungkook Solos”

My Top 3 Favorite jimin looks.

I would just like to start off by saying this was incredibly hard, as there are MANY jimin hairstyles that deserve love, maybe I will do a part two. But for now here are my absolute favorite jimin looks. 1. IDOL JIMIN.- I WILL STAND ON IDOL JIMIN, BEING ONE OF HIS BEST LOOKS EVERContinue reading “My Top 3 Favorite jimin looks.”