Favorite Jungkook Solos

By : Shanise Lachelle

This list was coming sooner or later, as he is my ultimate bias and number 1 kpop boy. Here’s my absolute favorite jk solo songs in order from favorite to least favorite.( But keep in mind they’re all my FAVORITES)

1. My Time- R&b Jungkook is my favorite and that live performance we got of it, I’ll never be over it.

2. EUPHORIA- such a nostalgic, beautiful song. Feels like your first love, a picnic in the spring and a road trip during summer time all wrapped in one. And he’s just happy when performing it.

3. Still with you- Jks love song to army’s. Man this boy already has a army tattoo and Now he has a love song dedicated to army. How lucky are we!?!

4. Begin- still a bop and the live performance is AMAZING.

I can’t wait for his solo album and more solo jk songs. He’s so talented and loves his job so much. We are so lucky to have him with Bts .

Which solo JK song is your favorite!? Sound off in the comments below.

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