Permission to Number 1

By: Shanise Lachelle

Huge Congratulations to my boys once again, PERMISSION TO DANCE IS NUMBER ONE!!!! And butter is still in the top 10. I know I was one of the few that were a little salty about PTD and another English single, but it’s truly serving it’s purpose. There’s absolutely No way they’re going home with zero Grammys next year. Not to mention our good sister dynamite has just reached a billion streams and a billion views!! This is huge news for BTS, all 3 of their English singles are doing extremely well . I’m so happy and proud of them, they stepped out of their comfort box and did what needed to be done.

Now to move on to the live Performances, No matter how big or small of a single, bts knows how to put on a show. Now after seeing PTD live 3 times I can officially change my opinion and say I LOVE IT. It’s still number 3 on my favorites out of the English singles, but it’s also still a BOP. The choreography is fun, the boys all sound amazing and stable. And Mr Jungkook sounds the most stable, and those adlibs are a god send. My favorite PTD PERFORMANCE SO FAR HAS BEEN THE JIMMY FALLEN ONE. I just loved the purple balloons and the message behind the song is amazing . The boys genuinely look so happy Everytime they perform it.

Grammys 2022 we COMING AND WE COMING IN HOTT!!!!!!

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