Butter Remix ft. Hot girl Megan Reaction

By : Shanise Lachelle

Now I was SUPER excited when I heard the rumor Monday that Megan THEE STALLION was on a remix with my BTS. of course I didn’t believe it at first, until multiple blogs and then the media picked it up . And realized she had been quietly fighting with her label to release it.

But you know how army’s are, and I guess we made enough noise, because a judge granted her the rights to release the song and here we are .

I will say I was one of the Huge FEW, that wanted Megan to be MEGAN, and make it sassy and nasty. But Megan decided to go with the style of the song and keep it Pg.

So I was let down in that sense, but overall Megan still came to the table and brought a whole meal. She did what she could in such little time and it’s still a BOP. Her coming in with the rapline and all of her little adlibs made it so much better.

I know they didn’t film a video together because of *covid*, but I just KNOW there is a video somewhere that they have put together and I wanna see it NOW hybe.

Overall I liked the remix and give it 5/5. It did what needed to be done, it could’ve been a true remix and been NASTY on both ends….( I miss hip-hop bts) but I guess we will just have to wait for future collabs. Rumor has it , it was a swap deal and BTS is on one of Megan’s songs.

I guess we will have to wait to see…. Did you enjoy the remix with the hot girl ARMY’S?!

Ps- I saw all the NASTY , racist comments coming for the fact that BTS chose to work with Megan. Just say you’re racist Karen and MOVE ON. This week has been so exhausting for black kpop fans man.. I wonder if these same “army’s” realize how kpop is 99% influenced by BLACK culture and BTS started off as a HIP-HOP GROUP, which is influenced once again by BLACK culture!?!

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