Different day same Bullshit with WESTERN media

By : Shanise Lachelle

When I tell you it’s extremely EXHAUSTING being army, I’m not exaggerating.

Imagine waking up to these gorgeous photos and being so excited , because your boys look happy, and fresh. Only to read (partly because I refuse to give them clicks) ,how the Western world STILL doesn’t take BTS seriously and thinks they’re buying their way to the top.

Not only are they “buying” their way to the top, army has been reduced to a bunch of crazed 12 year old fan girls. To which Mr. President himself, Namjoon defended us tooth and nail. Because 1. More than HALF of this fandom are legit grown adults with bills and jobs. Only a small fraction makes up the “12” and under . And CRAZED?! , YOU mean dedicated and loved?!. Army goes H A R D for BTS and BTS goes hard for army. There’s nothing more to it .

BTS genuinely LOVES their fans and treats their fans with respect. And that confuses western journalist, because surely it must be all fake right!? WRONG AGAIN, as a year long army but as someone who’s been a part of Many fandoms before, I’ve NEVER EVER seen this type of dedication from the artist and their fans. BTS never fails to incorporate army into everything they do and make sure we know how GRATEFUL they are for such a dedicated fan base. BTS started from NOTHING.. and worked their bums off to reach the top and are STILL working to prove themselves to backwards AMERICA.

I can understand why Billboard is confused, this type of bond between artists and fan is unheard of, but it doesn’t mean it lacks sincerity. It’s pure in all shapes and forms. Bts have been together 8 years and NOT once have you heard a bad fan encounter or anything negative about them for anyone they’ve worked with outside of kpop. That speaks volumes for their character.

I refuse to read the actual article, but the parts I have read are disheartening and I’m disappointed that these are actual journalist. Just say you’re racist and move on. Because at what point did you question Justin Bieber, One direction, or Jonas brothers to this DEGREE?! I can’t recall a single time where they were constantly made uncomfortable because of their success. it all boils down to BTS being Korean and Asian , the Western world can’t fully process how these Asian men are breaking down barriers and smashing records like this.

And that just proves RACE means nothing when you’re genuine and make music your fans can relate too. I’m extremely upset with the way America has continued to treat BTS , they want to use them for views and sales, but don’t take the actual time to get to know them. Give them their credibility PLEASE, they write and produce 90% of all their music, they came from NOTHING AND THE SMALLEST COMPANY EVER, they were hated so badly and for YEARS at first. Yet they still continued and pushed through.

BTS please stop giving these ungrateful scrubs the time of day, they don’t deserve you and won’t even try too. Your success and you smashing records, AMERICAN artists can’t even break speaks ENOUGH. Army will always stand behind you and support you no matter WHAT.

Don’t support this magazine army’s and get your photos offline and print them out for FREE. THE BOYS LOOK TOO GOOD FOR THIS PHOTOSHOOT TO GO TO WASTE.

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