Most Played Songs of July

By : Shanise Lachelle

Back with another favorites of JULY! The kpop and non kpop songs I listened to all month long. Is it just me or is the year flying on by?! Anyways let’s get into it.

1. sunmi – You Can’t Sit WIth Us: A SASSY BOP FROM START TO FINISH

2.Somi – Dumb Dumb- the choreo is forever gonna be stuck in my HEAD.

3. Bts- Butter: sorry sis is STILL a bop

4. Olivia Rodrigo- happier: I don’t why, I’m just obsessed with this song and album. But this song…. CHEF’S KISS.

5. Txt- Anti- romantic: I’m a new Moa. A mutual got me into them, so I’m playing catch up. But I know yeonjun is my bias and because of TikTok this song is forever in my BRAIN.

What were some of your favorite or most played songs of July!? Comment down below!!!

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