Tear Favorites

By : Shanise Lachelle

Tear is my favorite album out of the love yourself series and it’s one album I’ll never get tired of. Here are my favorite songs….

1. Paradise- I think all army’s can agree this is a universal favorite and they’ve yet to acknowledge it or perform it live. ..ONE day. Jimin in this song … Chefs kiss!

2. Tear- this one snuck up on me and became a recent favorite, it’s so emotionally charged and intense. And the fact that it’s about the boys possibly disbanding ,makes it even more emotional.

3. 134340- LOVE this song. Possibly my favorite BTS song … Ever?! Or at least one of my favorites. A BOP!!!

4. Love Maze- I just love the vocal line in this song and once again Jimin and Jungkook shine the most to me. But everybody has their moments!

Honorable mention: Magic Shop- just because it’s a song dedicated TO ARMY. And it’s super cute.

What are some of your favorites off of Tear? And did they make my list? I think Tear might be my favorite of the love yourself series because it’s the most R&B out of them all. And it suits them all so well.

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