Happy 10 years to Little Mix

By : Shanise Lachelle

From the beginning of the Xfactor in 2010 to your 7th Album in 2021, I am so proud of you girls!!! The amount of success you accumulated in the last decade is something to be very proud of. NO WESTERN GIRLGROUPS IS DOING IT LIKE LITTLE MIX.

I talk my shit endlessly, but it’s only because I know how much y’all love being in little mix and I know how talented y’all are and how far y’all can GO. Two babies on the way, one member gone and YOU’VE finally started to push yourselves and become the artists I KNOW YOU 3 CAN BE. This industry has tried to tear you down and KEEP you down multiple times, but y’all kept going and kept working hard. I just know these next two years are gonna be MASSIVE for little mix. 10 years down and FOREVER to go?! I’m always so proud of you girls and so happy to be a fan. The music, the VOCALS, the looks, the laughs, all of it. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’m so PROUD AS PUNCH TO BE A MOTHER FKIN MIXER. (No matter how much y’all have stressed me out these last two albums).

Can we talk about how they’ve stepped up their game endlessly since ****** left!?! They’ve not missed ONCE. And now we have multiple versions of their new album and different formats!?! They’ve been reading my posts!!! They’re finally taking inspiration from kpop artists!!! I’m excited to see what songs will be on the greatest hits and what the 5 new songs will sound like. And they look AMAZING.

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