In the Soop episode 1 review

By : Shanise Lachelle

Hi guys, we’re back with another review. This time for the first episode of In The Soop / BTS.

The boys are back for season two and are ready to take army along for some relaxation and healing!!  The first episode was well over an hour long and it honestly didn’t feel long enough. This season the boys are on a mini 4 day vacation, and as someone who’s taken mini vacations like this, it may NOT seem like it’s enough days to rest but it totally is.

The boys all look so excited and fresh in the episode. We got introduced to Jeon Bam which is Jungkooks adorable giant baby (dog), and he honestly fits right in. You get to see how well trained he is, how much jk loves him and how protective bam is of jk. Bam literally stole all of army’s heart the first episode.

I love how Jin talked about how he ACTUALLY rests. And he considers playing games and laying around resting, because SAME. I agree it can’t really be “resting” if you’re constantly working. Also we get long hair Jin and that is a TEN ACROSS THE BOARD.

We got the boys splitting up the two mansions by team sleep and team party. And honestly if you’re army you already know who would be on team who. Team party got off to a good start, with the maknae line staying up until 8 in the morning. While team sleep called it quits very early.

We got vmin playing games until the sun came up and then jikook eating and doing karaoke. We also got jimin saving hobi from a bug and hobi falling inlove on the spot. Can’t say I blame him..this in the soop Jimin is so healing and dangerous.

I loved every single second of the first episode and can’t wait for next Friday. Did you enjoy the first episode? Sound off in the comments below…until next time.

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