Girlgroups are Killing it

By : Shanise Lachelle

I don’t know what’s in the water lately, but kpop girlgroups have been serving us a full course meal all summer long and now right into fall.

It’s no surprise that my favorite albums of 2021 are gonna be mostly compiled of girlgroups! They just haven’t missed once this year. From itzy having TWO HUGE comebacks/albums , giving us bop after bop. To twice releasing alcohol free for the summer and then the feels for the fall. From aespa giving us next level then dropping a mini album with NOT ONE MISS. From stayc releasing stereotype and it BLOWING up on TikTok. To weeekly giving us holiday party and after school.


This year has belonged entirely to the girls and I am LIVING . I think perhaps the girlgroups are really popping off right now, Because their labels are really looking into what teenage/young adult women like and want to hear. They give them different themes and eras. And the girls are ALWAYS trying something different. When it comes to the boys this year I’ve been let down. The only groups that’s doing something entirely different is TXT and ateez. Not only that, these girls are likeable and have real personalities. These would be the girls we could have went to school with and been best friends with, they just happen to also be idols. Not to mention alot of the boys have been having scandals LATLEY. And it’s happening way to much to be seen as “normal” or okay. And I also think that’s why people are starting to fall off with the boy groups. I mean you will ALWAYS have the stans that love boy groups not matter how medicore they are just because they’re good looking. But overall the girls are starting to finally get their dues and it’s about time. Girls work just as hard as the boy groups IF not harder and constantly face sexism in the workplace, Especially in this kpop business. I’m thrilled that they’re ALL having their time to shine and young girls are warming up to them and not seeing them as competition.

What has been your favorite release from a girlgroup this year?! Sound off in the comments down below. Until next time….

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