Favorite Aespa Singles

By : Shanise Lachelle

Hi guys , we’re back with another Aespa post. This time ranking my favorite Aespa Singles. Let’s get into it.

1. Black Mamba- Sorry this was the HARDEST ROOKIE DEBUT EVER!!!! That beat drop, the visuals, ningnings high note!? I c o n I c!!! Never getting over it actually.

2. Savage- ZuZuzu, come on now, this song didn’t have to go so hard and feed us so well. But she did and just know we are all well fed. I am LIVING. This entire song is a masterpiece. From start to finish.


3. Next Level- this song truly STILL has it hands around every kpop boys neck…STILL…months later. That’s what you call an IMPACT ladies and germs. Another iconic BOP.

Forever isn’t on this list, although I did love it and it’s very healing, it just wasn’t my favorite single they released. Forever is still a bop just not on this list worthy. Maybe around Christmas , forever will have her moment.

What’s your order of Aespa Singles!? I’m curious, leave your comments down below. Until next time…..

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