Boy I got the FEELS with Twice

By : Shanise Lachelle

It feels like Twice just has been giving us so much this year. We started off the summer with “Alcohol Free” and we’re starting the fall with their first English single ” The Feels”.

Boy I know I know, this song is super catchy. And IT’S gonna be a smash on TikTok I just know it. We were given teasers for this song months back, so far back I thought, why did they start teasing it so early if they weren’t gonna release it anytime soon!? I honestly thought jyp forgot about the single or it has been kicked back for other reasons.

But it’s now out and live and the girls are GIVING. We’ve gone back in time with a disco pop track but made to fit into the current feels(see what I did there), of modern music. The choreography is also one of the main attractions of this single.

The video is super cute and the girls killed this song!! Everyone looks amazing and has their time to shine, which can difficult with groups with more than 4 members.

My standouts of The Feels: Mina, Chaeyoung and Nayeon!!! But overall I give the video 5/5, twice just doesn’t miss. At the end of the video we got a little surprise of the girls going BACK on tour and another full length album is COMING. And we can’t wait for all the twice madness.

Are you feeling The Feels or did it miss it’s mark with you? Let me know in the comments down below . Until next time…..

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