Jesy Boyz review/rant

By: Shanise Lachelle

Hi guys , we’re back with another review but more like a rant. So buckle up and here we go.

Jesy has been getting accused of “black fishing” ever since she was in little mix. But more so since the glory days era and eve more so in LM5 where she was noticably darker than both the ethnic members.( Jade, Leigh Anne). Me being a Black woman I’ve never heard the term until jesy. And at first I never took it seriously. Not until jesy started doing her promo and this video finally dropped. I can FINALLY understand why everyone is so angry with her. She literally looks like she’s cosplaying what she thinks black or ethnic woman look like. She’s a white British girl from England, and you HONESTLY wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at this girl or her social media.

You show locals this video and I bet you 99% of them will think she’s black or mixed . And she’s NOT, and that’s the issue. Not only is she tan, she’s dressing more urban, has black and mixed boys in her video, and Is wearing plaits with a grill and long acrylic nails. All of this is extremely problematic. Yes jesy has ALWAYS had this kind of urban cool London swag, but this is a bit extreme. The lip fillers to the tan, it’s all just a bit ridiculous.

The song itself is just NOT good. All this hype about it being “different” from little mix music and she’s right it is. It’s actually WORSE. Nicki being on this song did nothing for it. Jesy mumbles through 90%of the song. I actually have no clue what she’s actually singing about. And the cameo from Diddy was lackluster. She could of had this super cool London edgy video and kept her UK baddie image. This is like a rip off of black culture.

And she also continues to play victim instead of trying to understand and see the bigger picture. Jesy I am truly so sorry you were bullied and you had a hard time in little mix. But so did the other girls and you keep downplaying their struggles to yours. I don’t feel bad for jesy anymore, she doesn’t take accountability for anything she does. And will ride this victim train until it runs dry. The sad part being she is super talented and can actually sing. But this single is not it and this marketing plan her team has her on, is also not it.

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