Respect BTS Privacy!!!

By: Shanise Lachelle

I feel like I JUST did a blog post about this and now here we are back at it again, because “fans” don’t know their place.

It’s absolutely okay to be out somewhere and see your favorite idol and get excited. It’s NOT okay to go up to them or take pictures to spread around the internet. It’s even worse if you’re disturbing them on their private schedules.

If you don’t know what I’m referring too, early this weekend V was spotted out with a woman, a fan saw them, posted the picture, it got all over the internet and then dating rumors started. But as soon as they started hybe shut it down IMMEDIATELY. I had no clue there were rumors until hybe posted .

Not only is it invasive To Taehyung, he’s a human being not a circus animal. Let him live a normal life on his off days. He ADORES army, but he also ADORES being a normal person. And nobody who has an actual job they work everyday all day wants to be bothered on their days off. That is completely fine and NORMAL. When I get off of work I like to just sit in silence for an hour. They rarely get time off, even in covid, so I know their days off are precious.

But it’s also childish and petty to start dating rumors and ASSUME he’s dating every female he hangs out with. Now I’m not saying he’s NOT dating her, but considering HOW PRIVATE BTS/HYBE ARE, I doubt a fan would’ve gotten a sneaky picture that easily. I also know Taehyung would protect his partner before letting them be known to the world.

Tae then got on weverse right after hybe posted to let out his frustration. And rightfully so, you guys have NO RIGHT to his private time. That is HIS private time. If he chooses to stop and hang out with you on his time off that’s one thing…but chances are VERY slim he would actually do that. Fans and locals alike are praising him for speaking his mind, so often idols feel trapped and aren’t allowed to speak on such matters. Tae being part of BTS kind of gives him immunity to that . BTS has this kind of power in Korea now where they can pretty do what they want. And I’m so happy he told those “fans” ,blogs off. Leave BTS alone when they are on their off days. And stop spreading rumors that could hurt someone’s life. You guys don’t know the lady or whomever he was with . Don’t harass them or TAE. LEARN TO STAY IN A FANS PLACE .

Until next time….

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