Favorite Savage Singles

By : Shanise Lachelle

Hi guys we’re back at it when my top 3 favorites off Aespas first mini album “Savage”.

1. Yeppi Yeppie- this could’ve easily been the lead single. It’s like they put crack or something in it. It’s so addicting.

2. Make you cry- listen, this ALSO could have been a lead single. Such a Savage ( see what I did there) a B O P!!! And I’m all for making M E N cry. Also miss NINGNING girl calm down… We get it. Your vocals are unmatched!!

3. Lucid dream- such a chill day bop. Always on repeat.

I didn’t expect this kind of album debut from aespa if I’m honest. But I’m so happy they decided to show a variety of sides to aespa. It would’ve been an absolute headache if every song sounded like Black Mamba.

What’s your top 3 off Savage?! Let me know in the comments down below….until next time.

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