Little Mix as a kpop group

By : Shanise Lachelle

Little Mix are already the biggest western girlgroup of the late 21st century, hands down. But how would they look as a kpop group? And what roles would each member take?!

Perrie Edwards- the makane, main vocal, sub rapper, main dancer.

Leigh Anne pinnock- Main Vocal, the Visual, lead rapper, main dancer.

Jade thirlwall- The Leader, Lead vocal, lead dancer, Center.

I picked Perrie as the maknae, she’s the youngest of course. Obviously by Korean standards she would be the visual, but considering their standards are toxic and rooted in unintentional white supremacy, she’s not the visual this time. She’s got strong vocals but they aren’t always clean. She’s a great performer though and always looks like she’s having the time of her life.

Miss Leigh Anne would hands down be the visual, just look at her!?! She’s stunning. She would be the lead rapper, main vocal, and main dancer. She’s an all rounder, she just has to get more confident with her performing. She’s greatly improved over the last few years and since j*** left, she’s been shinning the MOST.

Jade fucking thirlwall is the LEADER. She has the clearest head when it comes to business and has her hands in so many pots when it comes to music. She’s also who the other girls turns to in interviews when they don’t know what to say. Center because she’s the most consistent vocal and dance wise. And she’s super animated and you’re just drawn to her immediately.

Is there any other western groups you could see as kpop groups!?

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