Little mix

I don’t know what’s really going on behind the scenes with little mix and their record labels. But what I do know is bounce back could have been an American HIT. It’s right on wave with the sexy twerk music we have on our radios right now. It’s more tame but fits right in with my type, twerk and big ol freak. Had their label promoted them right in AMERICA and not just London. This could’ve blew them the fuck UP. I just don’t get it. They’ve switched labels and still only getting promoted in the uk. Not to mention the girls seem bored because they’ve all been on about 30000 holiday vacations. And now are getting ready for their Europe/UK tour. I’m just so confused as to why they pushed the Australian tour dates back for “promo” and then didn’t do any promo. What is going on with little mix!!?

Little mix -bounce back

As we ALL know. I’m a super fan and I will stan them to my death. In this HOUSE🏠 we stan LITTLE MIX. And they NEVER disappoint or fail to amaze me . Every single era has been POPPING. And like America usually sucks ass cause of like being super homophobic and racist and THEIR president is a moron and like eugh🤢 . So it’s no surprise to me AT ALL that they continue to sleep on the British all girl talent that is LITTLE MIX. I mean when you can find a girl group that can ALL sing and hold their own. They never try and out perform each other they perform always as an unit. They redo their singles EVERY time they perform them. And they genuinely all LOVE each other so like🗣🤷🏾‍♀️ I don’t know what else America wants. But anyways little mix have given us the ultimate summer thot bop in bounce back. 10/10 recommend. It’s a sample song but like who cares!! Drake has done sample songs and Beyoncé! This song is a BOPPPPPPOPPPPPOPPP🗣🔈. I pray they have good universal promo coming up and they give us dry ass Americans what we want and need. Little mix just continue to deliver and y’all continue to sleep. But this BOPPPPPPP could be the BOPPPPPPPP to set them off and wake America the fuck UP. Do your ears a favor and go give it a listen. You’re welcome. Happy official summer as well🌞


okay so as we all know this LM5 era has been a MESS. To make matters worse they have decided to just be done with this album

And start another one. Which I can understand, but there were so many great songs on this album that deserved attention and videos(FORGET YOU NOT /monster in me I’m so sorry sis). I mean they’re still touring this album later on this year so yay( they won’t be coming to America most likely or anywhere near Florida so cool I guess). I just wished they would’ve switched labels before this album or waited until after the album dropped. Then we wouldn’t have all this drama and mess. Alas LM5 is still a great album and you should still listen to it and stream it and support the best girl group on the planet.

Favorite little mix albums in order

Here’s my favorites in order from favorite to least favorites. and when I say least favorite I mean the one i probably listen to the least lately. Because let’s be honest little mix don’t have any bad albums.🤷🏾‍♀️1. Glory days- sorry but this album is just full of bops!

2. Salute- the album the WORLD SLEPT ON. Which was a pity cause said album was also FULL of bops. Not one skip .

3 LM5- sucky name but one of their best albums with the worst ever promo.

4.get weird- the fun album that put them on the map after 2 years. Should’ve been salute but I’m not bitter.

5 . DNA- I truly listened to this album 270 million times in the year 2012. It was a great first album. Better than most first albums. I mean they had missy Elliot and t-boz as features on this album. They definitely started off in the music world with a bang

Spring break 2019 playlist

1. No more sad songs-little mix b

3.fefe-69 and Nicki Minaj

4.touch-little mix

5.thottiana- what’s his face🤔

6. Twerk-city girls ft cardi b

7.beautiful-snoop dog and Pharrell

8.holy -king princess

9.think about us-little mix

10.drop it like it’s Hott -snoop dog

11. Mr. lover boy-little mixé


14.we found Love-Rihanna

15.kiss it better- Rihanna

17. Sue me-Sabrina carpenter

18.please me-Bruno Mars and cardi b

19.thinking about you-Calvin harris

The mess that is TAU

The third single off of little mixes LM5 is think about us, and the promo for it has been all over the place! They’ve done all of 3 tv performances of it and haven’t done much radio promo for it.

Cut to the video being hyped up by all four girls and them posting teasers, all for the video to come out two weeks later. And to make matters worse.. they added ty dollar sign and like his feature is pretty pointless if you ask me. I mean the only good thing about his feature is how clear you can hear backing vocals from the girls especially jesy. Vocals that you couldn’t hear in the original. Two weeks later the video has dropped and although very beautiful and very pleasing to watch, its editing is a bit choppy and all over the place. I get the message they were trying to sell but with the choppy editing it fell short. This whole era has been a mess to be honest. Once the girls announced they were separated from syco, the promo has been absolute shit. They should just skip this era and head on over to LM6. It just sucks these amazing songs have to suffer from the he shady side of the music business. LM5 is their best album with their worst promo to date!

Favorite songs of LM5

Here are some of my current faves off LM5. (It changes everyday though tbh)

.monster in me

.think about us

.forget you not

.love a girl right

.more than words


.only you

Have you listened to LM5 yet?? What’s your favorite track off little mix’s latest album?