Jade going SOLO?

By : Shanise Lachelle

Hi Guys and we’re back with another little mix post. Side note: look at my girl!! Doesn’t she look ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!?!!

Anyways let’s get back to it,. Since December 2021 there has been rumors swirling that kiss Thirlwall is in the studio getting ready for her solo debut.

I’m still in the gutter crying my eyes out to between us , so this is hitting a little too soon for me. But it’s NOT to say I’m not interested, oh I am very intrigued!! Out of all the girls, jade has probably spent the most time properly preparing herself outside of little mix duties to go solo, over the last few years. Taking her time, and building solid work friends. Jade has the personality, the talent and the UK loves jade. She’s super funny and gorgeous, not to mention super humble and normal . Out of all 4 girls, she’s the one I would be less scared to talk to if I ran into her in public.

Jade is always in the studio cooking something, so I’m interested to see what she’s made or if this is simply just another rumor having a go. Either way you spend it, knowing jade it’s gonna be super sassy and a total BOP. With a bunch of harmonies and vocals.

Jade hunny, give us what we want. Show em how’s it done hun!!

Are you excited for a jade solo?! What do you think it’ll sound like?! Let me know in the comments down below… Until next time friends. Be safe, wear your masks and If you’re feeling sick, STAY HOME!!!!

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