Favorite Songs of 2021!

Happy New Year, I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and stayed safe! We’re back with our first official post of the New Year.

Here were some of my many favorite song releases of 2021, the songs I had on repeat.

1. Butter- Bts, cultural reset!!!!

2. Black Mamba: Aespa, Still my favorite song they’ve ever done.

3. Mafia in the morning: Itzy

4. Advice : Taemin

5. Don’t call me : Shinee

6. Code: Shinee

7. between us- little mix

8. The way you don’t look at me- Demi Lovato

9.Trash – Whee in

10. 0xl= love song( I know I love you)

There are plenty of other songs I loved this year as well, these are just the ones that stood out the most.

Special shout out to WILLOW SMITH , because everything she made this year was GOLDEN.

What were some of your favorite musical releases this year? Let me know in the comments down below…. Until next time friends. Be safe, wear your masks and I’d you’re sick, PLEASE JUST STAY HOME.


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