Enough is Enough with Giselle

By : Shanise Lachelle

Since her racial slur scandal earlier this year , Giselle has received a lot of hate from international aespa fans and non fans alike. And rightfully so, as she did offend a majority of her fandom by being careless.

But now it’s starting to get to the point where it’s bullying and harassment, and it’s no longer funny. As a black aespa Stan, I was hurt and mad at Giselle. Especially because I was riding so hard for her and ningning- considering they are the two foreigners of the group . And I genuinely thought Giselle was dope. I will admit after her video leaked it has left a bad taste in my mouth and it’s hard for me to look at her the same. I accept her apology, no matter how half ass it was. It’s still hard to look at her and not see someone who’s racist and carless behind the scenes. I have indulged in the memes laughing at her,( I know it’s petty). But like I said, as a black fan I was disappointed in her.

But now I see non black fans hoping on the train and just dragging the girl through the mud. And if you’re not BLACK, you have zero rights to be offended and dragging her the way some of y’all are doing. It’s like some of y’all never really liked her and was waiting on the opportunity for her to mess up so it would be “okay” for y’all to treat her the way you really want.

All jokes aside, the girl is still a human being with feelings and she apologized and acknowledged it. Unlike a good 99% of kpop stans who NEVER apologize or acknowledge it and y’all quickly move on.  To non black fans, stop jumping on the train of black grief just so you can spew your hate. Cropping the girl out of videos and pictures, is getting to be too much. And like I said, this is starting to be like bullying and that’s not okay.

Lots of kpop stars kill themselves over this industry for a mutiple of reasons. So keep that in mind please. You don’t have to like her or accept her apology. But please stop acting like y’all really hate her because she said the n-word, when you probably never really liked her to begin with.

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