Aespas first Scandal

By : Shanise Lachelle

Aespa have now join the ranks of their fellow sm coworkers with THEIR FIRST official scandal. All thanks to the lead rapper Miss Giselle.

A behind the scenes jacket of the Savage video has been released. During photo shooting the girls can be seen dancing to music, which at the time Szas Love galore was playing.

Giselle, NINGNING, and Karina were seen dancing along but only Giselle mouthed the lyrics to all the words INCLUDING the n- word verse. Now Giselle isn’t the first kpop star to be taken down by signing this song, but the list seems ever growing. And as a black kpop Stan I just don’t understand.

Giselle has an advantage, she’s fluent in 3 languages and went into an international boarding school. So she’s been around other cultures and also has been heavily influenced by black culture- she’s the groups lead rapper. So I’m completely lost on how she got so caught up she forgot who she was and what song she was singing. Not to mention she’s ignored the word before when rapping a song by a black artist. Which just shows you she’s aware and knows what she’s doing. I do FEEl like she honestly did just get caught up, but NINGNING and Karina were also dancing to the song and didn’t say it.

I know it probably won’t happen, but some sort of apology needs to happen. From Sm, from Giselle, from Karina on Giselle’s behalf!? I don’t know from who, but SOMEBODY needs to say something. Sm has privated the video and I know they’re hoping this all blows over soon. But alas we’re in the age of social media and the video is being shipped around . Aespa JUST released their first min album and it was getting great reviews, this scandal won’t help them with the black fans,( which do make up a HUGE part of any kpop fandom). I’m so disappointed but at this point, no longer surprised.

When will Idols learn!!?! If you’re not black, you CAN’T SAY IT!!!

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