Permission to Dance Concert Review

By : Shanise Lachelle

Last week Bts had their latest( and hopefully finale ) online concert. And oh man what a show it was. I’ve been to three BTS online concerts now and they just get better and BETTER. Kim taehyung was injured and had to sit down the entire show, and even though he tried to keep up with a positive attitude you could just tell how devastated he was he couldn’t go all out with the boys. He still very much delivered, sitting in a chair. The charisma the man has is insane.

Jungkook debuted his mint hair and looked phenomenal!!!! And even gave haters a shout out during so what and I was LIVING.

Jimin was bias wrecking me the entire show and honestly just made me realize I’m double biased with Jimin and Jungkook. And I’m okay with that.

Hyung line looked AMAZING, AMAZING!!! Yoongi as well as Namjoon was also bias wrecking me. The boys all over just looked super good okay.

The remixes they put out on this show were *Chefs Kiss*!!!! Im calling hybe out, I want an entire album with just the remixes from this concert. And knowing how money hungry hybe is and how army loves concert DVDs, I’m sure we will be getting one before the year is over or the beginning of 2022. There was a new dynamite dance break and it GAVE ME LIFE!!! Jimin center is truly so powerful. Then you had little tae on the side hyping up his brothers living his best life With the biggest smile on his face. Blood sweat tears was brought back to life and transformed right into black swan. And when I tell you it was truly so beautiful to see….I was left speechless.

I’m seeing them twice next month in California and I hope they change up the set list a bit every day. The show I felt was much more laid back but also more intense. They didn’t do any solos and had long performing blocks before changing looks and playing their VCRS. Which if I can remember correctly they only had like 3 . They were truly performing their hearts out for army.

The end of the show had me emotional because I didn’t want them to leave. And as usual they were super emotional about performing without Army. I really hope everything goes to plan for the La shows and they get to see ARMY for those two weeks. I can already imagine how emotional those first days and last days are gonna be. I’m so happy and blessed I get to see them. Knowing it might be the last chance before they enlist. This might be my favorite online concert I’ve been to out of the three. I even got out of bed to dance and light up my light stick. I love BTS and I’m in this for life , I swear I am.

Did you enjoy the show? Are you going to see them live in LA?

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