Little Mix between us Reaction

By : Shanise Lachelle

Between us ( the single), has been released in some parts of the world and it’s a tear jerker.

I knew it would probably be a song about how strong their friendship is and how far they’ve come,( IT ABSOLUTELY IS), I just didn’t think it would smash right into my guts and make me so emotional. I’ve been with the girls since the beginning, since X-factor. They’ve come so far and have achieved so much. We’ve grown up with them and their music. We’ve seen them fail just as much as we’ve seen them win. We’ve lost a member, one we thought would NEVER leave. Two out of the 3 have become mother’s. So much had happened with little mix that I honestly didn’t see coming. But I’ve enjoyed being along for the chaotic ride .

The girls all sound well rested and fresh. As 3, they sound better than ever. And their harmonies definitely compliment each other. It’s a upbeat emotional farewell… Perhaps? The vibe I was getting is this is the end, for now. And maybe after this tour/album they’re gonna go their separate ways for a bit. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they’re burned out from being in “little mix”. And if anyone deserves a break and a chance to succeed in something different- it’s jade, Leigh and perrie.

I honestly love this song so much, but won’t be able to listen to it much without crying. If little mix does anything well it’s a ballad and they’ve smashed this. Well done girls, I couldn’t be prouder if I tried .

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