BTS are taking a BREAK!!

By: Shanise Lachelle

We’re back with another Bts post. And this time Bangtan are taking a much needed break. This is the very FIRST time they’ve taken a break around the holidays and will be able to see and spend mutiple days with their loved ones around Christmas time. And I’m so over the moon for them. I remember watching a documentary a while back and the boys were going over their schedules, and they were working straight through Christmas and they seemed used to it and also sad. I couldn’t imagine working almost 365 days out of the year. And especially around the most magical time of the year. And the fact it’s the first time since debut , that they’re taking a break around the holidays is INSANE to me.

If anybody deserves a break ,it’s BTS. They’ve worked non-stop through covid for Two years, while most artists found that time to rest and not do much. They put out Be and Butter, back to back . So I’m so happy for them and I know they are so happy to see their families and just be normal. I do hope the Korean fans leave them alone and let them enjoy their few months vacation. Because when they come back, were getting an album and WORLD TOUR !! And I’m determined to go to as many shows as humanly possible. I’ve gotten a taste of BTS concerts and now I’m hungry!! It’s true what they say, once you go to one show, you’ll always wanna go back!!! I can’t wait for 2022 now .

Rest well bangtan!!! We can’t wait to see what you cook up for the new year!! Be safe and sleep lots . We purple YOU!!!

Are you excited for the new album? And what do you think it’ll sound like? Personally I want more of a love yourself: tear vibe. Sound off in the comments down below.

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