Peaches Review

By : Shanise Lachelle

Kai is back with his official second comeback and the title track called “Peaches”. With first glimpse and listen, you think the song is soft and sweet. And it’s about falling inlove and not getting enough of someone.

After REALLY paying attention to the lyrics and the video, you realize the song is a little sexual and dirty. And I would expect nothing less of Kai. Kai has never given me out right sexual, he’s always played behind his smile and given me this sly cute flirt. And this song just proves that. You still don’t think of Kai or the song super sexual, you still get the cute charming impression, even though the song is obviously sexual! And that’s the power of Kai.

I love the whole soft Korean aesthetic vibe to this video and the smooth choreography. I always love when idols/artist pay homage to their Korean culture.( Instead of ripping of someone else’s). It shows how proud they are and it’s something so beautiful to show off your culture and wear it with pride.

Kai obviously is so beautiful and every single frame of this video is gorgeous. This song is a sleepy vibe. But still a bop, something I’d put on to clean in the background. Or when spring time arrives, to play at a picnic.

I give peaches 5/5, and loved it immediately. Can’t wait until I listen to the entire album. I just know it’s gonna be bop after bop.

Did you enjoy peaches? Leave your comments down below. Until next time…

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