Peaches Review

Kai is back with his official second comeback and the title track called “Peaches”. With first glimpse and listen, you think the song is soft and sweet. And it’s about falling inlove and not getting enough of someone. After REALLY paying attention to the lyrics and the video, you realize the song is a littleContinue reading “Peaches Review”

Collab with the lips of kpop?

I’ve seen these 3 compared alot on kpop instagrams and never knew why until now!! Teamin Is a GOD, and I would KILL TO SEE MY BIAS WRECKER AND BEAR DO A COLLAB WITH LIPS PART 3. I’ve been calling jimin “lips” since I was introduced to BTS and then when I got into exoContinue reading “Collab with the lips of kpop?”

Kai Gucci Campaign

Monday has now been declared kai loving day. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. Last week his gucci campaign AND collaboration dropped and oh my GOODNESS, everything is so cute. It’s a big deal when a huge brand wants to work with you and sees your star potential, but it’s an even bigger deal whenContinue reading “Kai Gucci Campaign”

Kai Album Review

Now Kais Mmmh was my introduction to his group exo and we all know how I feel about exo. So all the thanks to my guy KAI. BUT it was his single Mmmh that caught my attention and made me curious about lips. Now I’ll admit I’ve seen some of the bts/exo fan wars, andContinue reading “Kai Album Review”