Collab with the lips of kpop?

By :Shanise Lachelle

I’ve seen these 3 compared alot on kpop instagrams and never knew why until now!! Teamin Is a GOD, and I would KILL TO SEE MY BIAS WRECKER AND BEAR DO A COLLAB WITH LIPS PART 3.

I’ve been calling jimin “lips” since I was introduced to BTS and then when I got into exo I found kai and he became lips part two, now I’m getting into SHINEE and taemin is lips part 3. I will now call them lips, that’s their group name and it’s sticking.

Just imagine these 3 on a SONG AND HOW ABSOLUTELY FIRE IT WOULD BE, NOT TO MENTION HOW THEY WOULD EAT UP THE CHOREO. Oooof, somebody make it happen. I need this to happen. The fandoms would TRULY not survive and the fact that the lips group are all FRIENDS!?!

Girl let me sign off , just the THOUGHT alone is SENDING ME.

What do you think about a collab between the 3? Yay or nay?

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