Don’t call me review

By: Shanise Lachelle

It’s happened again, I’ve fallen into another kpop group black hole and this time it’s:SHINEE. I kept seeing aespa and superm react to don’t call me, so I got curious and now here I am a small FULL blown fan. I know they’ve been a group for over like 12 years and they sadly lost a member to suicide. And 3 of the four have already done their military duty’s. When I read about their tragic past it was hard for me personally to see past that and it was kind of a trigger for me. So I didn’t want to get into them, just knowing if I ever wanted to listen to their older music their lost member would in their music. But after hearing this entire album and watching live Performances and their interviews, I decided if they could push ahead and keep going, I could stan them. And not label them because of their tragic past.

So introduction aside, let’s get into this review. I was pleasantly surprised by shinee and I LOVED the entire album, so picking FAVORITES was very hard.

This entire album gives me spring vibes, like it’s something I’ll listen too on a road trip, on a picnic, a walk in the park, at the pool ect. It just feels so warm and comfortable and cozy and like fresh flowers. They officially got a fan out of me and this was such a good introduction to shinee for me.

Here are my favorites

1. Code- girl the intro alone with minho(bias wrecker) and key( other bias wrecker) is enough to make you stan shinee for life.

2. Don’t call me- I have to put their single on this list, only because it’s a bop and it’s what got me into shinee. Not to mention they all look AMAZING in this video. They’re only getting better with age. Onew with his nonchalant baby doll face and deep chocolate vocals got me hooked and I just knew he was gonna be my bias.

3 I really want you- a fun 80s themed BOP!!!!! It really gives me michael jackson vibes .

4. Body Rhythm- this is the only summer themed song on this album and rightfully so. Body rhythm has some Rights. And onew in this song….* Fights the air*

5. kind- as soon as the song started I stopped what I was doing and just listened. For some reason it just feels so personal and makes you feel so emotional. This song is personal for them and they wrote it for their fans , you can FEEL IT. It’s my favorite and one of the best on the entire album. I gotta shout out onew once again for those vocals… Because HOLY GOODNESS, his voice is magic.

I’m glad I decided to give them a chance. Not only are they Legends, and continue to get better with age. They are SUPER talented and HILARIOUS . What they went through could have and should have broken them, but they continue on and decided not to let that be shinees story, just part of it. I just know he’s watching from heaven so proud of his brother’s.

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