By : Shanise Lachelle

Everyone stop what you’re doing, BTS have now gotten their own private Instagrams for themselves and ARMY. Hybe says it’s to show their different personalities to the world. And it’s the first time the boys have done something like this since debut. I follow a couple of other kpop groups and alot of them have their own separate Instagrams along with their group Instagrams, and I always wondered why BTS couldn’t do the same. I always thought they were too famous and hybe liked keeping a air of mystery to them. But now it seems they’ve come together to make the decision to show army a new side to them. Imagine waking up to this news at 5 in the morning!! I was so shocked and most definitely confused, I thought it was fake at first and couldn’t believe bangtan were gonna let us in on a little slice of their life. I felt so happy for them and US .

Already we’ve gotten GOLD posts and interactions. All of them in Korean( stress for us international army who’s not studying hangul).

But probably the cutest thing and the most on brand thing is Jungkooks Instagram name.

It’s funny because it’s every letter but JK, but we would expect nothing less of Jungkook and his Gen z humor.

It’s also scary because now that bangtan are on Instagram officially , they will see everything we post and be stalking the tags, We are no longer safe.

I’m glad they have turned off their comments and we aren’t allowed to tag them though, I could just imagine the nonsense army’s would be tagging the boys in. Either way I’m so excited for the fandom. And this is coming fresh off the news of a break for the boys. In some ways, I find they did this to soothe the pain and connect with us in a different way while they’re resting. And I couldn’t be happier. Thankyou BTS!!!!

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