Covid Can Do One!

By : Shanise Lachelle

Imagine waking up on Christmas Morning to see that 3/4 of the Hyung line now have tested positive for COVID-19!!! This is their first break since debut to spend with their families for the holidays and now they can’t.

I said being in America past their job duties wasn’t a good idea, we have the most covid surges right now. But I didn’t honestly think they would catch it, not that they’re above it. But they went two years in Korea and didn’t catch it ONCE. THEY COME to the states for a month and bam half of them get affected.

Honestly I’m praying for a speedy recovery for Jin, Joon and YOONGI!! I hope they keep their spirits high and just take it easy.

And this is why we were so mad at people who flew to California and didn’t wear masks or got let in without vaccination cards!! This new variant is serious and we need to take it seriously. I feel the world has adjusted to having covid being the new normal and we just don’t care anymore .

I would also understand if hybe pushed the rest of tour back now, with this new variant, safety is all that matters when it comes to the boys.

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