How queen changed my life.

I’ve recently watched bohemian rhapsody and oh boy I’m inlove. Now like any sane person I’ve heard the occasional queen song every now and then . And like any sane person loved the song and jammed along to it ,not even knowing it was the iconic band themselves. After watching this film I’ve been thrown into watching YouTube videos and interviews and discovering every queen song under the sun. This film has absolutely changed my life and made me so happy. This film is brilliant and has taken home a few golden globes and even a sag award.! The critics hated it but the fans loved it. And for once I’m on the side of the fans. It absolutely blew my mind and made me a fan of queen. And by the 20000 million fan pages on social media and all the memes the films produced , I can safely say we LOVED the film. Long live queen and the Uber fabulous Freddie Mercury.

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