Top 5 favorite musicals of all time.

  1. High school musical 1,2,3( sue me I was a child when I first fell inlove with musicals and these films introduced me to the theater world) and let’s not act like these films don’t have bops on all 3 soundtracks.
  2. Rent. LISTEN THIS SOUNDTRACK IS HEAVEN. Every single song is HEAVEN.
  3. Mamma mia. A whole film with abba songs!! How can you not love this musical!?!
  4. Hairspray. I sang “Good morning Baltimore” for a whole year straight when the remake first came out, even though I live in Florida.
  5. les miserables. I mean come on… Anne Hathaway in “I dreamed a dream” was so heartbreaking and beautiful. It’s one of those films I can’t watch too many times because of how sad it is. But the soundtrack be on repeat!

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One thought on “Top 5 favorite musicals of all time.

  1. I am a musical theatre fanatic.

    1. Les Mis- I am obsessed with the musical (the journey began with the film)- as a matter of fact, I first owned the movie 2013. Now, I need a new copy of the film- I have watched it so many times that I wore out the movie. Despite being sad, I still love watching the movie and I have seen the stage show 5 times. Responsible for turning a love of musicals into a passion.

    2. Wicked- Wicked/Les Mis are tied for best musical at the moment. This musical sparked my love for musicals

    3. Annie- Before the green girl came, Annie was my favorite musical. Annie means a lot to me- it has something special about it because it after all is a childhood musical.

    4. Sound of Music- who can not love this musical?

    5. Rent

    There are a number of other musicals that I love


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