Why riverdale?

The CWs riverdale has been renewed for a 4th season , and I’m just like….WHY!? Now don’t get me wrong, the first season was amazing and had me hooked after 1 episode. Season 1 was was truly their best season thus far, which is not great considering they’re 3seasons in. This show has just taken a turn for the worst and the bad and ugly and it’s staring to make no sense what so ever. Now if it was a magic/supernatural show like it’s cousin Sabrina , then I would get it. But this is a show that started off super strong as a murder mystery and now it’s about an “GoBlIn KiNg”. I just can’t, I don’t understand how this show keeps getting renewed when it’s writing is super cringyy and all over the place. The only thing saving this show is it’s AMAZING, SUPER TALNETED CAST. they delive these awful story lines with so much passion that you forget how much the show actually sucks. I mean it can’t possibly be any worst than this season…. can it?! The actors deserve to have a good season and a great story line. Season 4 we’re counting on you. Bring it back around!

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