Assassination nation….

I had to watch this film TWICE just to wrap my head around this masterpiece. This movie came out around September 2018 and I’d saw many ads on social media about it and even saw the trailer but it looked like nonsense, so I skipped it. Holy shit what a HUGE mistake that was. This film is EVERYTHING! It calls out so many things, from racism, transphobia, sexism etc. for a modern day film to hit all those notes and to hit them perfectly and effectively is RARE. If you watch this film and feel absolutely NOTHING after, you’re broken and what’s wrong with the world. This film made me so ANGRY at so many points i then realized how good and effective of a film it was! This film was definitely slept on all 2018 and was a sleeper hit. All because of the marketing. If it had been marketed better , it definitely would had been recognized more and nominated for so many awards. The film is basically a modern day retelling of the Salem witch trials. A massive leak of everyone’s personal internet history and texts have leaked in Salem causing everyone in the town to loose their mind and go absolutely bananas!!! And at the height of the craziness it is all blamed on one girl and her group of friends. This movie goes from 0-100 real quick. And you’re left feeling all types of emotions but most importantly ready to take down the patriarchy!! This is such an important film for women and young girls to see, as it highlights everything we go through in this society. The last monologue delivered by Lilly played by actress Odessa young is magnificent and definitely drives the film home. I could go on and on. But all I will say is watch this film and watch it again and then spread the word and tell your friends about it. THIS MOVIE IS THE GOAT.

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