Why are girls raised different from boys?! Why do we have to be polite and smile and keep our legs closed and put on a bra when male relatives come around and also in general cover up when male relatives come around. And why are we basically breed to know how to take care of a home by 12 and boys still don’t know how to do laundry or make their beds?! Why do we have to be wholesome and virgins and hardworking but not more hardworking than our husbands but have to have it all, we have to be perfect and they get to be mediocre and barley meet any of our requirements?! Why do we settle?! Cause having a man( even a sucky one) is better than not having one at all. Why is a sexually free single women a whore,slut,home wrecker?! Why do we constantly let men call us bitches and whores and cheat on us and give us stds…. yet we stay and pretend it’s okay and love them anyway. Why?! When will this end!? I’m not for it, and I’m not sorry about it. I’m not gonna be quiet and fold over in the corner. I’m not that type of female. I’m strong and loud and everything I’m not suppose to be. So If that bothers society or a “man”, then society and those type of men are not for me.

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