Mixer’s just don’t learn

If you live in little mix land( one of the biggest girlgroups in the world for almost 10 years), then you know jesy nelson, who makes up 1/4 of little mix has had a lot of struggles being in the public eye. Just last year she released a documentary where she was very open about her mental health and sucide attempt. She even won an award for her bravery and hit documentary. But that hasn’t stopped mixers from tearing her apart every CHANCE they get and honestly it’s exhausting. In the last few weeks she’s come under fire (from MIXERS AND MIXERS ONLY) about her tanning. And being “too dark” , and being accused of black face. Which is SUCH a reach and so RIDICULOUS. But she was being bullied so bad on social media about it , she pulled out of the finale of their show THE SEARCH and hasn’t posted any promo pics of confetti since it released last week and didn’t acknowledge their EMA WINS. their team released a statement saying she was unwell and taking a break. I just don’t understand this fandom. As a black person, I didn’t think she was black fishing or trying to be black at all! And she didn’t need to comment on it, because it’s ridiculous. The girl feels most confident when she’s super tan and that’s her BUSINESS. She’s not the only white person in england or the world who over tans. But she is the only one right now getting dragged to hell and back for it and it’s not fair. Jesy has been very open about her depression and how social media almost killed her, yet her fans think it’s their job to set her straight about something she wasn’t doing. If this fandom spent half of this energy on promoting their music instead of trying to find things to educate the girls about, the girls would be rolling in number one’s. The little mix fandom is extremely toxic and self righteous and needs to have several seats .

I hope jesy honestly gets better and takes all the time off she needs. Mental health is NO JOKE and hers comes first before any of this game crap.

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