Black Mamba vs FOREVER

By :Shanise Lachelle

Now that Aespa has TWO singles out , it’s time to compare and see which is the better single.

We have the absolute BOP Black Mamba and the soft angelic Forever. I personally like black MAMBA more, but forever is growing on me .

black Mamba for me was just the perfect introduction song and the perfect debut song. It REALLY PUT AESPA on the map. And had all the locals scared for their FAVORITES. It just goes hard with every listen and gets better and better. Not to mention the video is super cool and FULL of visuals!!! I’ll seriously never get tired of hearing it . And don’t get me started on that choreography!!! Amazing, bomb, GREAT. And the fact they can do it live and it matches with the video- ooof the flavor and the pure TALENT.

Now on to Forever, I don’t hate the song. And it’s growing on me so much to the point I walk around randomly singing it. But it just wasn’t what I expected from their first comeback. I really wanted to see Giselle and Karina rapping. But instead I got them both showing off their incredible vocals, which honestly I was surprised. Aespa literally has 4 vocals , 4 visuals and 4 dancers. Who’s doing like AESPA!? nobody!!!! Although I would have preferred a more upbeat song, forever is the healing song we all didn’t know we needed.

It’s hard to really compare two Amazing but different songs. I do overall prefer black mamba but I do love forever as well.

What’s your favorite of the two? And what are we expecting from their third comeback!? I just need the rapline to come through!!! I’m literally begging SM AT THIS POINT. Let my girls rap!!

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