Delight review/ Favorites

By: Shanise Lachelle

Ahh , I know this review is extremely late. Considering I’ve been listening to this album on repeat and having several dance parties for weeks now. I finally got around to listening to my little bacons second ep and as expected I LOVED IT. Exo members are just really exceptional at doing R&b music. It’s just facts, I don’t make the rules. If his label wanted to and if america wasn’t a giant racist pool, baekhyun would be extremely popular in the states. He’s adorable, he’s loud and funny, and he can dance/sing. Girls would eat him up for sure. And some men too. ANYWAYS, here’s my favorites off delight.

1. Underwater- just call me the number 1 underwater stan. I just LOVE this song. And it makes me fall even harder for baekhyun. His voice is just so damn good. Exo are lucky to have him.

2. Poppin- I kid you NOT, one day I replayed this song like 12 times and NEVER got tired of it. Not once , that’s when you know a song is good.

3. Candy- sorry not sorry, I just love this song and the choreography. My man is truly so talented.

What’s your favorite off delight?! And do you prefer exo baekhyun or solo baekhyun!?

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