Simping for JADE.

By : Shanise Lachelle

Y’all this is probably the most thirsty, simping post I’ll ever make and rightfully so it’s about the one and ONLY JADE THIRLWALL.

Now don’t get me wrong, jade HAS ALWAYS been beautiful. But LATLEY, jade has been so saucy, juicy, and giving me lead dancer, performer, leader of the group vibes.

I don’t know what it is, but it’s almost like she’s tapped into her other side( her Egyptian heritage) and bringing all the sauce. Or maybe Her new man is rubbing off on her . But miss THIRLWALL has been so fine since this Confetti era started and has only gotten finer.

HONESTLY, even though we all know jade is the most consistent vocally and Performance wise, she always just blended into the background for me personally. I loved her personality and always found her passion about little mix beautiful. But I would NEVER look at sweet dorky jade and go ” sis is fine” or “damn jade has the sauce lately”. That would usually go to jesy or Leigh.

I honestly think the more she’s embraced her other side and stopped being completely white-washed ( which she’s herself talked about) is why myself and others have started to take notice of jade.

Back in baby mix days, jade would have NEVER gotten braids . I’ve also noticed how alot of promo and paparazzi pictures of her are not being as white-washed anymore and we’re starting to see how tan jade really is. Back in the day, she looked as pale as perrie. I had no clue jade had all this melanin until recent.

She’s absolutely coming into her own and becoming even more comfortable in her heritage and skin. And she’s even more beautiful and GLOWING.

Jade is like wine, she’s just getting better and more talented with age. Jade I am simping BIG TIME OKAY. She is definitely understanding the assignment LATLEY.

It’s the big brown eyes, the nose ring, the braids and the melanin for me. Jade you’ve officially been casted as lead girl . Do the damn thing thirlwall. We’re awake now!!

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