Next Level reaction!

By : Shanise Lachelle

Well Aespa has done it again. To be completely honest, I didn’t know what to expect with this single. Even though I Loved the concept photos and the teasers, I was still like ehhh. Black mamba had to grow on me and so did forever. So I honestly knew I wasn’t gonna love it right away, no matter how much I loved the concepts.

But HOLY ENTIRE SHIT!!!! This song right here really is next level. I’ve never heard a song like it and it’s literally like 3 songs in one. Everytime you get used to the futuristic beat and “I’m on the next level “, they switch it up again. The 3 songs in one did catch me off guard at first and I was like ” what in the world is going on?” But then after watching the video a few times and as expected it grew on me and I loved it .

We FINALLY got our rapline showing the fuck out and it’s about time. I honestly don’t know why they waited two singles deep to let Gisele and Karina rap, but atleast we got it for NEXT Level. Better now than never. All the girls look amazing, but my standout is miss ningning.

I wasn’t a fan of the red hair and I’m never a fan when idols dye their hair red, but she’s rocking it and looks so FINE. Ningning coming for your ENTIRE bias list.

What did you think of NEXT Level? And which do you prefer, black mamba or next level?

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