Bye Taemin

By : Shanise Lachelle

Tommorow is the big day and my baby cheese is off to the military. This is my third time now sending one of my idols off to the military and it seriously never gets easy. This one especially is a hard pill to swallow.

From March when I got into shinee, you’ve always been the one to steal my attention and make me laugh the most with your cuteness and random English. It wasn’t until recently I dived deeper into lee TAMIN and was left speechless by the type of artist you are . There is truly not another in kpop like you. You are worshipped by EVERYONE and for good reason. The kpop industry is gonna have a huge taemin size hole until you get back . I’m so proud of how you literally worked HARD AND WITHOUT COMPLAINTS until the very last second. I’m so incredibly heartbroken, but I know time will fly on by and we will see you in a year and a half. Don’t be gone too long please. But also make friends, have fun, work hard( which I know you will) and don’t worry about us looking at others+ lol+. We love and support you forever and I just know you’re gonna come out better and stronger than ever, and ready to kill the charts!!! We love you Lee TAEMIN, forever maknae 6v6!!!!!!

ThankYOU for all that you’ve done for me. Seriously you have no idea how much you’ve changed my life and made me so happy.

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