My Kpop comfort Boys

By : Shanise Lachelle

Since I’ve gotten into kpop I’ve noticed there are some boys that I’m more emotionally attached too than others. And while I’ll have my bias all set and picked, it’ll be another member of the group who I’m more emotionally attached to and everytime they do ANYTHING- I’m talking bare minimal, I’m sobbing. So here’s my current soft boy- emotional support kpop boy list.

I look at these boys when I’m depressed and feeling low and they IMMEDIATELY bring a sure smile to my face. I feel safe and whole with them. Like nothing this cruel world throws at me can break me and I’ll forever be in debt to them.

I think we all know by now jungkook is my number one for life and everything he does. He was my first ever bias pick and my first kpop boy crush. I love him okay, and just want the best for him. Anything he does brings a smile to my face .

Baekhyun, if I’m feeling super low I just pull up some of his best funny moments and BAM, I automatically feel 100 times better. He’s the loudest most annoying idol I’ve come across and also the sweetest and most charming and TALENTED. And I love him more for it. Seriously he cracks me up. (Spoiler alert): he annoyed me at first. Funny how love works huh!?

This one is recent and oh man it hit me like a ton of bricks!!!! He’s enlisting in a few days and when I tell you my entire heart is breaking in 4. I’m not even exaggerating. I’m almost in tears writing this right now. I love me some lee TAEMIN. There is something so pure and special about him, even though he gets on stage and becomes a sexual genderless demon , off stage he’s just the most humble sweetest forever maknae. I truly admire him so much and his work ethic is insane. I’m gonna do an entire goodbye post for my baby cheese. But I’ll end this here with ,IM SO PROUD OF YOU BUBBA. And he’s also the most chaotic, annoying, spoiler king. But he’s also hilarious and I’m praying for his manager.( Shawols get it)

JINKI!!!!!!!!!!! My shinee bias and that VOICE!!! I just wanna protect him from the world, he seems so fragile, not In a bad way. Just a more soft way. Everything jinki does makes me blush and smile. Everytime he sings I wanna bawl my eyes out. Everytime he smiles it makes my heart flutter. Listen I can’t even begin to explain to you how much I love onew. And I want bunny man to be appreciated more or else!! Just kidding( or not), but seriously onew is my whole entire world. I really love that for me. Ps he’s insanely beautiful!!!!

Do you have any emotional kpop boys or girls?? I might do one for my girls next…

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